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Outstanding UX professional. Her understanding of designing eCommerce sites for high conversions and navigability on any device is impeccable. Just one of her many notable achievements has been designing a site that has generated $8M in sales (the first year it was launched) followed by $16M (the following year).” - Jacklyn D. Owner of Flash and Color LLC

“Jeanette did an amazing job on our website audit and delivered it way ahead of schedule! It was great working with her!" - Gail L. Founder & President of Go Forward Education Foundation

We want you to make more money. Here is how we can help:

  • Take a look at your site with fresh eyes - This is important because as somebody who manages an eCommerce site, you live and breathe that environment, which can make it hard to see what your customer is seeing. Ideally, a UX expert would be able to offer a different perspective on how to best target your customer.


  • Uncovering kinks in the pipeline that can cost you - These can be as small as a button that is not working, or a pop up that is causing friction and blocking key elements on a page, but these mistakes can be expensive, and could be causing your conversion rate to sink.


  • Discover ways to optimize key flows - The way your customer navigates the site is very important. Identifying that path - or flow, is imperative to maximize your conversion. Finding a way to improve upon a current flow can yield great results.


  • Ensuring that your checkout is working and not creating any friction - One of the key touch points on any eCommerce site is your checkout. Any friction in this process can cause a customer to be frustrated or feel that the site is not trustworthy. This in turn can cause them to leave - or bounce.