We help Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle eCommerce brands deliver beautiful and memorable experiences that actually perform.

Our approach is simple, we ensure that your site is offering the best possible experience for your customers. Happy customers and friction-less flows means higher conversion and a better performing, higher grossing eCommerce site.


Why Hire Us?

If you are responsible for managing an eCommerce website, there is no doubt that you have heard about UX. However, often times there seems to be a misunderstanding about what UX even is. For starters, the acronym UX stands for 'User Experience'. Why is this important? When we create an eCommerce website we are not just creating a store front, we are creating an experience. The business owner's intention is to draw in customers who will hopefully be compelled to make a purchase and ideally repeat this action. There is a reliance on the customer to make the business successful. If we are relying on the customer, it is important to create experiences that are pleasurable and fulfilling, so that not only will you have the competitive advantage, but the customer will have less apprehension about making a purchase on your site. 


Better experiences lead to happier customers which equal higher conversions.

One way to illustrate this is by using a physical store experience as an example. When you walk into a store, several things have to align in order for you to be able to complete a purchase. If you walk in and cannot easily find what you are looking for (not well organized, improper signage etc.) you will most likely leave empty handed. On the other hand, imagine that you walk into a store with a great selection, very well organized, customer service is accessible if needed, and signs are placed noticeably throughout the store. Your chances of completing a purchase here are going to be much higher. The business owner wins, and the customer wins. This is the type of experience that a UX expert can help you create within your online store. 


Here are some of the ways that we could help:

  • Take a look at your site with fresh eyes - This is important because as somebody who manages an eCommerce site, you live and breathe that environment, which can make it hard to see what your customer is seeing. Ideally, a UX expert would be able to offer a different perspective on how to best target your customer.                                                                                                         
  • Uncovering kinks in the pipeline that can cost you - These can be as small as a button that is not working, or a pop up that is causing friction and blocking key elements on a page, but these mistakes can be expensive, and could be causing your conversion rate to sink.                        
  • Optimizing key flows - The way your customer navigates the site is very important. Identifying that path - or flow, is imperative to maximize your conversion. Finding a way to improve upon a current flow can yield great results.                                                          
  • Ensuring that your checkout is working and not creating any friction - One of the key touch points on any eCommerce site is your checkout. Any friction in this process can cause a customer to be frustrated or feel that the site is not trustworthy. This in turn can cause them to leave - or bounce. 

With each site comes a unique set of experiences which can be tailored to work for both the business and the customer. Bringing in a  UX expert to help steer the ship, can be one of the best moves you can make in terms of maximizing your profits and elevating your brand.