User Research & Testing


Why do User Research? User research simply means researching the customer and their behaviors and testing concepts. User testing can encompass a variety of things but essentially the goal is to make sure that the experience you are offering the customer is in line with their expectations. Why does this matter? The more your site is tailored to the customer, the easier it is to meet their needs which leads to more brand value and higher conversions.

What is the benefit of conducting User Research? Being able to determine if a particular flow or part of your site is functioning properly. Also, being able to choose winning designs through customer feedback. 



1 - Understand and define the user 

This includes an in-depth analysis of the user; where they live, their lifestyle, their buying habits, their buying motivations, their technological savviness, and their socio-economic status. We also leverage your existing customer analytics, information, and insights to create the user persona.

2 - Map out the customer journey

Also known as a sympathy map, this customized map is used to uncover pain points. Understanding customer pain points helps us to position your company as the solution to their problems. This is a crucial step in building a site that has high customer loyalty and profitable sales.

5 - Assess how your site measures up to the competition 

How are you measuring up to your competitors? We would analyze and collect data from your competitors and evaluate where you may be ahead of the game or where you may need some improvements.

3 - Run user tests

Based on your target market, we find (2) users that match your target audience. We will have your ideal customer complete a transaction through your site. The sessions are recorded. This allows us to gain insight on friction points in the site that are causing customers to abandon purchases.

5 -  Make strategic recommendations

We will make strategic recommendations to help you implement A/B tests or Multivariate tests based on our research.

Here is what you get from this service:

  • User Personas

  • Customer Journey Map 

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Access to User Recording sessions

  • Recommendations for split testing