User Centered Design


Why User Centered Design? Regular graphic design doesn’t cut it when you want a high performing eCommerce site. You need real design solutions and strategic designs. This is what helps your site rise above the competition.

What is the benefit of this approach? Launching with an optimized site experience is a major step toward building a successful online business. The best thing you can do is make sure that you launch with a solid site that customers can easily navigate without friction which means more sales for you.


1 - Organize information and navigational elements 

One of the main goals of any successful site should be to make sure that information is easily findable and intuitive for users. We address this by using card sorting to group and organize your site navigation (and other elements) in a way that feels natural and easy.

2 - Determine how the customer will move through your site (we call this a ‘User Flow’)

A user flow is how a customer enters, navigates, and exits your site. The goal is to keep customers on your site and to give them a friction-free path to purchase.

3 - Create a basic structure of the site (also known as ‘Wireframes’)

Wireframes are the initial blueprint of the page structure and page elements for the site. They allow us to communicate the design to the developers, marketers, and other interested parties for feedback and for verifying platform compatibility.

4 - Design high polished prototypes

These are the highly polished customer-ready designs of your site. These completed designs are ready to be incorporated into your site and are delivered to your developer for implementation.

Here is what you get from this service:

  • Organizational Chart for navigation 

  • User Flow 

  • Wireframes (for desktop and mobile)

  • High Fidelity Designs (ready for handoff to development team)