Custom UI/UX Design

The Complete Package


1 - Understand and Define the User

This includes an in-depth analysis of the user; where they live, their lifestyle, their buying habits, their buying motivations, their technological savviness, and their socio-economic status. We also leverage your existing customer analytics, information, and insights to create the user persona.

2 - Customer Journey Map

Also known as a sympathy map, this customized map is used to uncover pain points. Understanding customer pain points helps us to position your company as the solution to their problems. This is a crucial step in building a site that has high customer loyalty and profitable sales.

3 - User Testing Sessions

Based on your target market, we find (2) users that match your target audience. We will have your ideal customer complete a transaction through your site. The sessions are recorded. This allows us to gain insight on friction points in the site that are causing customers to abandon purchases.

4 - User Flows

A user flow is how a customer enters, navigates, and exits your site. The goal is to keep customers on your site and to give them a friction-free path to purchase. Sketch and Form will analyze your current user flows and recommend solutions to help you achieve your site goals of increased sales and increased engagement.

5 - Design

With all of the information gathered from the audit process, we will remove all elements that cause friction on the path to purchase. Then, we will optimize elements of your site for increased conversions, engagement, and customer loyalty. 


- Design for the Complete Package -



These are an initial blueprint of the page structure and page elements for the site. Wireframes allow us to communicate the design to the developers, marketers, and other interested parties for feedback and for verifying platform compatibility. They allow us to solidify the design before going to a High Fidelity mock-up.

High Fidelity Mock Ups

These are the highly polished customer-ready designs of your site. These completed designs are ready to be incorporated into your site and are delivered to your developer for implementation.

Elements Addressed in Design:

-Site Footer
-Email Sign Up Form

Pages Addressed in Design:

- Homepage
- Category Page
- Product Page
- Checkout Page
- FAQ Page
- Contact Us Page
- Store Locator (Future Needs)
- Blog (Essential for SEO and Global Growth)