Personalized Audit


1 - Understand and Define the User

This includes an in-depth analysis of the user; where they live, their lifestyle, their buying habits, their buying motivations, their technological savviness, and their socio-economic status. We also leverage your existing customer analytics, information, and insights to create the user persona.

2 - Customer Journey Map

Also known as a sympathy map, this customized map is used to uncover pain points. Understanding customer pain points helps us to position your company as the solution to their problems. This is a crucial step in building a site that has high customer loyalty and profitable sales.

3 - User Testing Sessions

Based on your target market, we find (2) users that match your target audience. We will have your ideal customer complete a transaction through your site. The sessions are recorded. This allows us to gain insight on friction points in the site that are causing customers to abandon purchases.

4 - User Flows

A user flow is how a customer enters, navigates, and exits your site. The goal is to keep customers on your site and to give them a friction-free path to purchase. Sketch and Form will analyze your current user flows and recommend solutions to help you achieve your site goals of increased sales and increased engagement.

5 - Recommendations

With all of the information gathered from in-depth research and customer feedback, we then give you expert, actionable advice to optimize your site for increased sales, engagement, and loyalty.