Customized Site Audit


Why do an audit? Ultimately the goal is to increase profits. We do this by combing through your site and looking for anything that might cause a customer to move forward or become frustrated. Essentially we help you make a clearer path to checkout.

What the benefit of doing an audit? Making your site easier and more intuitive to navigate helps increase the amount of people completing their purchases, which means increased revenue for you.



1 - Learn more about your customers and your business

A key component to your audit is to define your business goals and assess the needs of your customers. We then analyze this information to see how we can implement solutions that address these goals and needs.

2 - Evaluate site using best practices and research

Your site will be thoroughly evaluated based on best practices, and usability heuristics to determine how we can improve upon on the current experience for maximum optimization.

3 - Analysis of checkout flow

Based on your target market, we find (2) users that match your target audience. We will then have your ideal customer run through a transaction on your site. This allows us to gain insight on friction points within the site that are causing customers to abandon purchases.

4 - Recommendations

With all of the information gathered from research and our expert review, we then give you actionable advice to optimize your site for increased sales, engagement, and loyalty.

Here is what you get from this service:

  • A video recording of your site audit

  • A PDF report with actionable suggestions to uplevel your site experience and revenue.